Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Skin

"Really, cold front? Ten degrees! Really. You think ten degrees is acceptable Virginia weather? Because, really, this is the south and we don’t “do” ten degrees!" ~ This rant has been brought to you by my ridiculously dry skin that is crying for a little less brrrr.

Our cold snap is on it’s way to a four week run, and I don’t remember the last time my skin has felt this parched. My nose is flaking, my lips are so chapped they actually bled yesterday, my elbows and knees are not fit for human eyes, and my hair feels very straw-like. I need help! This is where you come in. I need some suggestions for how to treat all my scaly, flaky, cracked, and chapped skin issues. (This post is going to get some hits from very (ahem) interesting Google searches!)

Anyway, so far I’ve been applying Burt’s Bees lip balm like I own stock in the company and slathering on the Vitamin E oil morning and night. However, these measly measures are no match for the mighty wind of winter. So, any tips for turning my skin from armadillo tough to baby soft? I’d love to hear about the products you swear by, but I’m also super interested in home remedies. Extra kudos for natural and/or organic ideas and cheap and/or free ideas!

Please share, because most of the skin in America is also feeling the brunt of this deep freeze. We could all use a little TLC!



Julia said...

1. Olive oil for legs and body. I use it almost as a lotion as it's not too greasy for me. I occasionally mix sugar with it to slough/moisturize. Any thick oil will do. Vitamin E is just too thin.

2. I shave my legs with baby oil since oil locks in water.

3.Vaseline is my best friend. I put it on my feet if I am wearing socks that day, on knees and elbows, and on my face (after my Olay lotion). It has never made me break out. If you're brave let it sit a bit. If not put some vaseline on your face and then wipe it off. It will still lock in moisture. Also great for chapped lips - put on vaseline and slough it off gently with a washcloth, then chapstick as usual.

Ummm. I suppose you can tell dryness is also my perpetual struggle?

Hattie said...

Thanks for the great tips! I'm going to give the olive oil a go!

Strand Family said...

As someone who naturally has dry itchy skin and now lives in very dry and cold MN, I've tested about every product out there. My 1 year old is also suffering. Here's what we are doing now; calendula cream (natural product made from dandelions. Any health food store should have it) for really dry itchy areas. California Baby as lotion everywhere. I've started using this mixed with my acquaphor. Also I have the worst chapped lips and have tried everything. I was reluctant to try it, but vaseline or acquaphor on your lips at night can work miracles. One of the worst things is hot showers. I've turned down the heat and it seems to make a difference. Not what you want to hear after coming in from the cold.

Tim and Tracy said...

I've also heard that it helps to put moisturizer on while your skin is still damp after your shower. Not sopping wet, mind you, but not totally toweled dry. It seems to work decently well, but I do hate not getting to towel off all the way, especially when it's cold...

Val said...

Cute blog!
I love the satin hands system from Mary Kay. It has a "grainy" wash to smooth your skin, a THICK balm for night & a normal lotion for day. I swear it took my hands from scaly/dry to smooth in one day. I use it on my feet/elbows too.

Bruce and Christine's big adventure said...

Baby oil with vitamin E that comes in gel form (it lasts forever so I've had mine forever). Best when applied after a shower!