Monday, January 11, 2010

Bikes are nice, and pillows too!

I’m sew glad it’s DIY Day (hardy har har)! But really, I’m pretty excited to show you my first successful sewing machine project.

I have to also link this to Brag Monday at The Graphics Fairy, because I used two of her awesome images. I decided awhile ago I wanted to make some new slipcovers for a few of the sofa pillows, and finding some great linen-esq fabric in the remnant bin at Jo-Ann’s gave me all the motivation I needed.

To make my pillow covers, I went with a simple envelope style. You can find great tutorials for this kind of pillow cover all over the internet, so I’m only go to give you the jist.

1. Measure your pillow and cut a rectangle of fabric that is an inch wider and twice as long plus seven inches. My pillow was 10 x 10 so my fabric was 11 x 27.

2. Iron well and crease ¼ inch hem on the short ends of the fabric. Pin and sew hems.

3. Next, lay your fabric right side down and place the pillow in the middle. Fold the edges towards the middle of the pillow until they overlap. Make sure there is a little wiggle room. Slide the pillow out of the fabric and pin.

4. Sew a straight seam down each of the pinned edges.
5. Now, turn the pillow right side out, and you’re in business.

Here’s my pillow after a little fluffing.

I liked it, but it needed a little something to spice it up. After browsing The Graphics Fairy website, I found two awesome bike images (bike plan, bike ad). I altered the backgrounds in Picasa until both images had the same tone. Next, I put them in Word to reverse the writing and enlarge.

I printed the images onto iron on transfer paper. A few quality minutes with my iron later, and I had these beauties.

I love how simple and graphic they are.

It’s nice to have something to break up all that plaid!

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Amanda said...

I love this idea and those pictures you chose! Might be copying...

Tim and Tracy said...

Aaaagh! I love the bikes! I originally had some bike artwork printed out for our downstairs bathroom instead of the eggs, but it didn't work out. These look so good. You should be proud of yourself little seamstress!

Debbie @ said...

Great project and great idea! It looks great against your sofa!

Megan said...

THey look great! Thank you so much for the tutorial.... I, too, love a great pillow!

I am new to your blog...and I can't wait to read more!

One more fabulous blog to become a follower of!

Have a great night!

Stephanie Lynn said...

These look fabulous! thanks for the tutorial - I need some new pillows!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Great pillows! When I first read the title I thought "how in the world is she going to make a pillow from a bike?" Now I get it :)

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Your first sewing project = a huge success!! These are great! Great choice on the images!

Heidi said...

Hi Hattie,
Very well done! I've never made the envelope style all in one piece - it looks so much easier, I will try it the next time (I've made pillow covers for whenever the mood strikes me for a quick change of decor!). Also, I love the bike pics you printed on the fabric, I am looking for alphabets transfers - maybe you've seen something? I'm not having much luck. Anyway, you did a great job on those pillows!
I hope you'll stop by sometime.
Have a great day.
Heidi - Heart and Home

Rene said...

Very cute and the bikes make it playful. You made it seem very easy, must be a natural!

PetraB said...

The cushions do not only look lovely but also very inviting. Petra. xx

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

These are adorable!! They look so cute on your couch! Thanks so much for participating today for "Brag Monday"

SharDon Exclusives said...

Lovely! Just lovely!

KarenHarveyCox said...

These pillows came out beautiful. I love how you shared the process too. I like the design that you chose.

Heidi Meyer said...

Oh my those are cuuute! Thank you for sharing.