Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5 minute Valentine's decorating

When I thought about decorating for Valentine’s Day this year, the idea of adding another layer of “stuff” over my décor did not really appeal to me. Since the Christmas decorations have been packed away, I’ve been enjoying the airy feeling of having fewer things sitting around. I still wanted to do a little something to celebrate, just on a small scale. I came up with two super easy and super fast ways to add a smidge of love without going overboard.

As you can see, I used my glass fish bowls for this project.

For the large bowl, I grabbed a deck of cards and pulled out all the hearts. I tossed them randomly in the bowl (ok, I painstakingly fanned them out in an artist manner that looks casual) propping up a few numbers with special meaning. 6/23 is our wedding date.

For the smaller bowl, I reused some vintage seam tape and a retro valentine from last year’s banner.

I just coiled the seam tape in the bowl, and plopped in the valentine.

Easy peasy!

Do you decorate for the smaller holidays, or am I the only crazy person?



Bruce and Christine's big adventure said...

I definetly wanted to decorate for Valentines Day but the budget is not allowing for decorations so I left out all the simple red accent decorations from Christmas!

Wendy said...

What a cute idea! I wouldnt have thought to use cards.

Im hosting a Valentine's party on my blog if you'd like to check it out!