Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting to know you...

Hello, lovely readers! Today’s post is all about you. Let’s start with what I know about you. 13,447 of you have visited me this year. I can’t even tell you how that number blows my mind! 80 of you read Little Red Roost through Google Reader and 56 of you follow me. You have visited me from all over the world, including places like Croatia and Bulgaria. To be honest, I don’t think I could locate Croatia or Bulgaria on a map, although I have trouble reading the “you are here” maps in malls, so that’s not really saying much. Most of my visits come from the USA with Texas (Howdy!), Virginia (Hey Y’all!), and Georgia (Hi, Aunt Kathy!) ranking top 3.

So that’s all I know about y’all numerically speaking. What I really want to know are all those juicy personal details. So, I’m calling all you lurkers (yes, you!) to tell me a little bit about what makes you tick.

I wanna know:

-Who are you?
-How many candles were on your last cake?
-Where do you call home?
-What do you do?
-Do you blog? Plug away!
-What’s your most favorite thing in the whole world?
-What should I know about you?
-What do you like best about this blog?
-What do you want to see more of on this blog?
-And anything else you’d like to say. . .

I am really ridiculously excited to meet you!



Ashley's Thrifty Living said...

Hey Hattie!
I am Ashley! I am 25 and live in Canada! I work with children with disabilities in a developmentally delayed classroom. My blog is and I blog about thirfty ways to decorate the old farmhouse I live in with my boyfriend. I love everything about your blog. Your home seems so warm and cozy! Thanks for the inspiration! <3

lisad424 said...

Hey Hattie! I'm Lisa. I'm 40 and live in upstate SC. I work part-time for local government. I'm married with a son who is about to turn 13. I do not have a blog. I was on the prowl for ideas on how to decorate on the cheap (in a not so ideal rental) when I discovered the massive blog community and I was hooked. I love your blog. I like that it is "real". I love clever organization tips that are also decorative (especially since I live in such a small space now). Thanks to you and all the bloggers out there that give us inspiration to try new things that bring happiness to our homes and families.

Emalee Owens said...

My name is Emalee and I'm 26 years old. I live in Farmville and I'm an ITRT in an elementary school. I think we may have gone through the SLM program together... I don't blog but I love to read what other people have to say. I absolutely love a good book. I love seeing thrifty decor ideas in my google reader.

2sisters said...

Hi Hattie!
We are identical twins who blog together. We had thirty-something candles on our last bday cake (but who's counting). We love to blog about anything and everything from recipes, to crafts to being twins. Our blog is We love to read your blog, and Micki won a darling pillow on your blog a while back, which she preceded to give to me :)

Megan said...

I'm Megan... almost 32...I live in Western North Carolina. I was an Elementary school teacher/principal ~ but now stay home with my girls. I love to blog:
Come visit me! I enjoy decorating, crafting, cooking & playing with friends!

Brakes and Gas said...

-Who are you? Katie aka Gas
-How many candles were on your last cake? 27
-Where do you call home? San Francisco
-What do you do? Special Education Teacher/ Educational Consultant, part-time working Mom
-Do you blog?
-What’s your most favorite thing in the whole world? My sweet baby girl's smile and the smell of my hubby's neck (I'm weird, I know.)
-What should I know about you? My Chi-chi once popped out at Denny's when I 19? I don't know! ;)
-What do you like best about this blog? I think you've got great style and I love your way with words!
-What do you want to see more of on this blog? All your DIY stuff is fab!
-And anything else you’d like to say. . .
I am ridiculously excited to meet you too!

Brakes and Gas said...

Oh, PS: How do you get all the fancy stats about your blog readership?

Hattie said...

Hello, to all of you as well!

Emalee, I went to CLIS at UMD for my MLS, is that where you went? Most of the school librarians in my county went through the Longwood program.

Katie, I use Google Analytics for my stats. It's free to use. All you have to do is insert a little code into your blog. Google gives very good directions on how to do this!

Looking forward to meeting more of you :-)


Kathryn said...

Hi Hattie--I'm Kathryn, 38 candles on my last cake, and I also call Upstate SC home. I work full-time in an office, and am mommy to 2 great kids--4 1/2 year old boy and an almost 8 month old girl. I blog but not regularly. Right now my most favorite thing in the world is the cinnamon rolls I make in the breadmaker...I love being a mommy, gardening, baking, decorating, and sewing. We live in a tiny little rental---about 950 sq. feet, and I'm always looking for great ideas. I was most intrigued by your header---looks like we enjoy some of the same things!

Mrs. Nepper said...

Great idea Hattie. Love it!

Who are you? Holly

How many candles were on your last cake? 28

Where do you call home? Edmonton, Alberta...Canada!

What do you do? Stay-at-home Mama, and I go to school part time, pursuing a Social Work degree.

Do you blog? Plug away! I have two blogs. The public one is
I also have a private family blog. Which I created after I had a random man in India stealing my blog posts. So the family one is more personal, whereas I post my DIY stuff on the public one.

What’s your most favorite thing in the whole world? Snuggling with my son, my daughter's giggle, my husband (plain and simple!), and making my home a cozy place to live.

What should I know about you? I adore your blog, and think you sound like one of the sweetest gals in blogland!

What do you like best about this blog? All the use of red in your home inspires me. As one of my main accent colors, its nice to see a kindred "red" spirit!

What do you want to see more of on this blog? Just keep doing what you are doing. Love it!

Val said...

Hi Hattie! I'm Val & I'm in my 30's (low end still thank God!). I'm in AZ. I think your blog is cute because it's real you seem happy and cheerful! I love reading blogs about decorating & making things better/prettier in general. So far I like the ruffled pillows the best!!

Tim and Tracy said...

As one of my dearest friends, I know you already know me, but I wanted to join in on the fun! And I wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading your posts this week with all of your stats and blog recaps. Congrats on your first year blogbirthday- your blog is one of the first I always check each day!

Anywho, I'm Tracy and I just blew out 27 candles this January. I live in the Hampton Roads area of Va. and I am a primary school media specialist. :) I've been blogging at since last July when I first moved into my house and my fav. thing in the world is my husband, Tim. I love all things natural- neutral, soothing colors and interesting, woven textures. I love all your DIY posts and I can't wait to see what you do on that new sewing machine of yours!

Amy said...

Hi Hattie! I'm Amy and I went to undergrad with you. I found your blog through Tracy and Tim's blog and just like keeping up with what you're doing :) I'm 24 and living in Greensboro NC. I am not crafty at all, but I suppose I enjoy other people's craftiness through their blogs. I blog, but nothing to do with home improvement! My favorite things are my two little guinea pigs Parsley and Clover that keep me company as I blog-hop. :)

Megan said...

I am Megan, 35, from Northern Kentucky, right outside Cincinnati. I am mom to two boys- 2 and Kindergarden, and work outside of the home doing marketing for a early childhood nonprofit. I half-blog (, but usually just if the mood strikes to join a blog party. I have an ancient personal website that's in sorry shape, but pretty well known on the net for old window ideas ( I love reading about your vintage-infused decor and reclaimed and repirposed objects. Keep 'em coming!

Marianna said...

Well Hello Hattie. What a great idea!

I am Marianna, a 41 year old, stay-at-home mother of two children ages 8 and 10. We live in the great state of Texas. I blog at (named after our house in Indiana). I'm not sure where I first found your blog, but I love seeing your DIY ideas that are completely doable, and I think you have an absolutely adorable little house!

Hope you'll stop by and visit me.

Christen said...

Hi! I'm Christen, 28, from Richmond. (Yay, River City!) I'm a married teacher and fellow blogger. My blogspot is below for anyone who is interested:

I absolutely love your blog, Hattie! Favorite part? Hmm... that's tough! Probably the recipes and season decor.

Happy Blogiversary!

Kate said...

My name is Kate and my current home is Hutchinson, KS but I'm from Milledville, GA. I found you one night on a crazy decorating DIY journey threw tons of blogs. I work part time for a community foundation and am home part time with my 2 yr old, Emma. My most favorite thing in the world - ooh, tough - camping in the San Rafael Swell in UT with my best friends, or fishing in AK with my best girlfriend,or making fresh dinner from our garden with my DH and DD....too many favorites. I love the energy in your blogs and that I might actually try and finish some of your projects. I do have a blog, but it's nothing like yours. I want to learn more about how some of the DIY lady bloggers do some of the great things with their sites. Thank you for your blog, it's pretty great.

Kate said...

oh, I had 32 candles on my last cake.

NICOLE said...

Hi, My name is Nicole, 30, from Queens, NY. and I currently work for a concrete company as a truck maintence record keeper and I have a boyfriend of 3 years, I currently live at home to take care of my father.
I do blog - its usually about whatever comes to mind (crafting, cars, photography, NY Yankees, cooking, travel, etc) its mostly about what I like. My favorite thing in the world has got to be NYC, it has everything and anyone I need, NYC is my home and always will be in my heart. I love crafting and learning new crafts of all sorts, I love baseball, I love cars, I love horseback riding and soo much more. I love your tutorials on the tee-shirt redos (thats how I found you today). Id like to see more of the tutorials on all your crafts.