Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shark Attack

When I got home from work today I found these boxes taking up some prime living room real estate, and I practically squealed with excitement.

Our new vacuum arrived! Brad and I have been drooling over this vacuum for almost a year. Note: If 16-year-old me heard 26-year-old me uttering those words she would roll her eyes and say, “You are so lame!” To that, 26-year-old me replies, “Whatever, you have gymnast bangs and blue glitter fingernails!” Anyway, when we received some Christmas money and a reimbursement check on the same day, we knew we could finally make this beauty ours.

Let me introduce you to the never loses suction power of the Shark Navigator. I’m sorry the picture is blurry, but you never, ever make a vacuuming husband stop vacuuming! Although Brad and I watch a lot of infomercials, (I blame this on a combo of Saturday morning sloth and lack of cable television. We also have been known to watch Power Rangers and Hannah Montana reruns. The shame.) we’ve never actually purchased anything “as seen on TV.” However, we’ve always liked the idea of a Dyson – but not the price tag. So Brad put his obsessive home electronics researching skills to work, and read about a trillion reviews of the navigator before we decided to go for it.

I have to say, this little guy did a much better job on our floors than our old vacuum. It didn’t spit any crumbs back out as it went along, and the crevice tool has every nook and cranny of the roost cleaner than it’s been since we’ve lived here. I also like that it worked just as well on wood floors as it did on the carpet. Whether or not it really keeps its suction remains to be seen, but I’m hoping for the best! We got in on the deal where Shark also throws in their steam mop for free. Hopefully that will arrive tomorrow, because I’m super eager to remove the layers of swiffer residue from our newly crumb-free floors!

Do any of you have any Shark products? What do you think? Any favorite go-to household appliances? What is it about January that makes us all so ready to clean house?

Note: Shark did not pay me to say any of this, nor did they give me any free products. I am so not that big a deal! But if I was, they could send me a portable steam pocket any old time, and I would love them forever.


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Tim and Tracy said...

Yay for new toys! Especially house cleaning ones that the husband enjoys using. I love my upright vacuum as well- no more lugging a cannister vacuum around behind me everywhere I go.