Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a sprinkle of spring

Yesterday I showed you my attempt at bringing a little spring to the roost in the middle of winter. I guess I should go ahead and admit that as far as the kitchen goes, I’m already in full on "spring has sprung" mode.

In addition to my lovely faux budding branches, I went ahead and added my sweet vintage cloth.

And some cheerful yellow flowers.

For a simple centerpiece, I filled a water glass with flowers and a tiny vintage pitcher with a few more blooms. I stuck both containers on a creamy tray. I’m really loving how the asymmetrical arrangement keeps things fresh and from getting too fussy.

another glass of flowers carries the pop of yellow over to the buffet.

It may have been 17 degrees this morning, but it felt comfy and sunny in my little kitchen!
What do you do to chase away the winter blues?



Chad and Kristen @ The Tomato Vine said...

Looks wonderful! Spring here we come! :)

jen said...

i love the faux budding blossoms!!! do you have a diy for how to do them? you totally just gave me a sunday project. found your site via a comment on young house love (i think?)... now i have a new blog to add to my morning run though :) so nice!

Hattie said...

Thanks so much! Yes, I do have a post about how to make your own branches (super easy!) I just forgot to link to it. Thanks for reminding me. http://littleredroost.blogspot.com/2010/01/something-twiggy.html