Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Falling for fall

It was in the 70’s today. The 70’s people! That is unheard of in Virginia this time of year! Anyway, the cooler temperatures got me thinking about fall and a few of the things I’d like to do/make/try to celebrate the season.

1. Go camping with some fabulous people

Brad bought a huge (as in larger than our bedroom) tent last year and is itching to try it out. This year we’re planning to stay near Crabtree Falls.

It’s only a 2 ½ mile hike to the top of this beauty and we’ve heard tell that Spy Rock and a swinging bridge are also nearby. I think I’m abnormally excited about the swinging bridge!

2. Go apple picking.

I wanted to do this last year, but it just didn’t happen. However, we plan to camp near several orchards, so I think apples are much more likely to be in my future this fall.

3. Make something super yummy with said apples

I’ve been drooling over this Apple, Cheddar & Thyme Galette from Fresh365 all summer. Must. Make. Apple & Cheese goodness!

4. Craft out of my comfort zone.

I’ve been avoiding the whole chalkboard paint craze – until I saw these awesome chalkboard rocks from pottery barn. It seems to me that these would be super easy to make and I can just see them with little leaves and acorns drawn on. Maybe even sweet quotes and little love notes!

5. Get my sew on part 1

It’s time to go crazy in my new sewing space! I think this gorgeous belt from sew for home

... is the perfect project to kick off fall. I love the wear things belted and I have a ton of vintage buckles that would be super fun to use.

6. Get my sew on part 2

My twin soul Tracy and I fell head over heels for this J. Crew wool skirt. The price tag, however? That we didn’t love. I’m going to attempt to recreate this with a few tweaks. For instance, Tracy and I are both school librarians with dress codes that require a little longer skirt.

So, those are my goals for fall fun! Anything you’re especially anxious to see here on the blog? What are your own fall plans?



Weesner Family said...

I am interested to see how the skirt goes....it looks super cute and I too am a school teacher with a slightly longer dress code!:) happy fall

Patty B. said...

Well, it was 112 degrees here in northern California today. I'm envious. I can't wait for fall to set in. That apple cheddar thingy looks delicious.

Emily @ Finding My Aloha said...

Wow! Do you realize 70 degrees is a high here in the NW? :) I still get what you mean and I am right there with you! We have had a crappy summer but I am ready for my favorite season...FALL! I loooove the stone idea! I just bought Harry and David Pumpkin Moose Munch and it definitely put me in the mood for fall!

Tracy's mom said...

What a great list of things to do - you are definitely putting me in the mood for fall. Would love to do the apple picking and then make some apple butter. I have an easy looking apple butter recipe in a crock pot that I'm wanting to try.

Tracy said...

Yay for all of these things! :) I really must get a sewing machine and join you on these sewing adventures.

Christen said...

Love your list! I think apple picking is going to be on mine too; maybe I'll try making my mom's famous apple pie...