Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bedroom switcharoo

I hinted earlier in the week that an innocent trip to IKEA caused a whole lot of moving, painting, and shaking around the roost. Our bedroom and office/craft room have been in a state of upheaval for most of the week, but the bedroom is finally starting to take shape.

Let’s take a look at the bedroom before:

Note how low the TV is. You can’t see it, but the TV is sitting on an old school desk I used as a TV stand during my grad school days and for most of our marriage. The cubby in front was perfect for holding the DVD player. I liked this arrangement quite well until my parents gifted us a super comfy pillow top mattress. The new mattress raised the bed a good six inches, blocking part of the TV screen. Another downside to the school desk was that is lacked storage, something we needed much more of in our little bedroom.

Here’s my side of the bed and nightstand:

Now for some after photo fun!

We moved the school desk into the office (more on that next week) and replaced it with my nightstand.

This gave us the extra storage space we needed. To fix the height problem, we purchased a pine nightstand at IKEA for $14.99. Three coats of Zinsser primer and two coats of American Accents semi-gloss white paint later, and we used it as a topper for my old nightstand.

I still have to do some cord wrangling and concealing, but I’m much happier with the new look. I also need to figure out new artwork for over the TV, and attempt anything that might possibly hide the ugly HD antenna us over-the-air TV folks need. Anyone know if you can paint those suckers?

Since I was now nightstand-less, we moved another piece of furniture from the office into the bedroom.

This antique marble-topped washstand came from my Granddad’s estate. It took a lot of wrangling, but by moving Brad’s dresser and the bed over as far as they would go; we were able to squeeze in the washstand.

I love the way the wood picks up the colors in the bamboo blinds and the brown storage box on the night stand.

I also like that my nightstand and Brad’s dresser are now much closer in height. The only thing that bugs me is that the bed is no longer centered under the window. But, when you live in a tiny cottage, you get used to little quirks like that!

Have you done any furniture switching lately?


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