Tuesday, July 20, 2010

this and that and a lot of paint!

I am a very bad blogger. Not only have I been MIA for the better part of a week, but I also neglected to take any photos of my activities. For shame!

Let me bring ya up to speed…

Thursday was work out, laundry, and cleaning day, so not much excitement to report.

Friday found Brad and I and my parents heading off to Madison and Ruckersville, VA for some antiquing and amazing lunch and pie at The Mountaineer Café

I only found one treasure to bring home, picked up for .99 cents at the Ruckersville Goodwill. You’ll see it soon!

On Saturday, the whole family visited Scotchtown, the only remaining home of Patrick Henry.

The tour was really interesting, for instance, did you know that it was common to have goods shipped from England with minor imperfections so they would be deemed “defective” and the colonists could avoid paying the steep taxes? Patrick Henry owned a set of defective playing cards with no numbers and a defective mirror that arrived with the glass purposefully cut into two pieces. We also visited Squashapenny Junction, a very unique antique store.

It was fun to look at everything from a box full of cigar bands to a 5ft tall folk art Jesus, but the prices were a little too high class for me to bring anything home.

Sunday equaled church and a stop at Home Depot to load up on painting supplies.

Which means Monday found me up to my elbows in paint!

See that brown laminate bookcase in the corner?

It and its twin received two coats of primer yesterday.

I went with Zinsser after a little research. Note what happened when I paint – water bottle and assorted junk on coffee table, dishes piled up, husband on sofa.

The primer went on smoothly and is recommended for use on laminate. Today, I am going to slap on several coats of paint, so we’ll see how well it actually worked!

Candid action shot – Brad calls this my “serious face.” Apparently I make it whenever I’m concentrating on a project!

I’m off to recover myself in paint! Have a great day!


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