Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Book 'em!

Last July, I shared my system for organizing magazine clippings. Since then, my old college binder has gone from almost full,

to overflowing.

It was time for some damage control! I decided that my inspiration photos deserved room to breathe and much prettier binders. I started by gathering all my clippings and arranging them in piles by category.

From left to right: The massive “other pile” that includes everything from craft ideas to paint colors; bedrooms; living rooms; exterior spaces; kitchens; storage; and bathrooms.

Next, I planned how to divide the piles between my three binders. Once that was decided, I used scrapbook paper and labels to make the binders all girly.

I ended up with a bed, bath, and storage binder.

A kitchen, living spaces, and exteriors binder.

And a binder simply labeled, "ideas and inspiration." This big ‘ol binder ended up divided into 11 different sections: inspiration, room ideas, paint & color, art & photos, furniture, food & table, flowers, crafts, holidays, sewing, and resources.

Since I didn’t have any dividers on hand, I made some with construction paper and extra scrapbook paper.

A little label making, some fancy scissor and glue action, and ta-da! Coordinating section dividers.

I also made matching spine labels, just cuz.

Now all my pretty pictures,

have a pretty place to live!

How do you organize your inspiration photos? Do tell!

I'm linking this to Gina's party. Be sure to check out all the awesome projects linked there!



The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a great idea, i love my inspirations I have torn form magazines, what a great idea to put them in a binder...Thank you

I joined in the fun and came over from Transformation Thursdays


Sarah said...

What a great idea. I always see tons of things that inspire me but I don't take the time to organize. This would help me a ton!

The First Words said...

Oh! I did this too with all of my favorite homey ideas! It's so much fun to flip through the binders when I need some inspiration.

Val said...

Very cute! I scan mine and save them into a folder on my desktop or if it's something else (like a photo or notes) I use evernote to save it. Very techy but definitely not as cute as your binders!

Tracy said...

Impressive! And easy on the eyes to boot. :)

The Sisters 4 say MORE is more said...

Cute idea! I love organizing stuff and this gives me just the excuse to go crazy in the school supplies section... my favorite!