Monday, July 26, 2010

Making Space

Remember those bookcases I painted last week? After a close inspection of the fine print on the primer can, I discovered that while you can start painting an hour after priming, it is recommended that you allow the primer to cure for 7 days before you start using the furniture. Not wanting to chip two layer of primer, two layers of paint, and several hours of work -  my living room has looked like this for the past week:

Pristine and empty bookcase doing it’s curing thing,

books piled in the wing chair,

books crammed in the already white bookcase and stacked somewhat precariously on top!

And a huge pile of CDs on the steps.

I could deal with most of the mess, but the CD’s got to me. I really didn’t want to clutter up my fresh, white bookcases with stacks of ugly plastic jewel cases. Good thing Target came to my rescue! I fell in love with these Memorex CD file boxes - it didn’t hurt that they came in red!

For $14.99 a pop, they use a hanging file system to store 80 CDs each.

A few hours, some alphabetizing, and a few streaming episodes of Studio 60 later, and I had this huge bag of empty jewel cases…

And two cute little boxes of neatly organized CDs.

Don’t ya just love it when you can make more space without sacrificing style? I know I do!

What’s your best space-saving tip?



Tomesia said...

looks great. and i LOVE studio 60!

Denise said...

After waiting sooo long for the bookcase to cure I wouldn't let anyone NEAR it!! My personal space savin technique has got to be Cram IT under the BED!(or in the oven:)
Happy Monday