Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I sea a living room switcharoo

I am easily bored, I mean ADD, I mean quickly distracted, I mean highly creative. This results in the craving to change up what Pottery Barn calls the, “decorative accents” in my home - frequently. However, I am not one to go out and spend the kind of moola it takes to have new everything every five minutes. So, how do you change things up without spending a cent? I like to call it, “move your crap around” “restructuring.”

This is roughly what my living room looked like yesterday:

Flowers and books on the coffee table.

DIY flying birds with nests on the bookcase.

Faux mantel with paint-by-numbers and glass jar of shells.

On hand, I also had some scrabble letters, votive candles on a window sill, and this tray I painted last summer.

A little switching around got me this new summer look:

The books and flowers moved to the bookcase.

I felt like they needed something to ground them, so I borrowed the candles from the window sill.

The birdies are all packed away for next spring.
For the coffee table, out came the blue tray.

I layered a painting stolen from the mantle with a book, scrabble letters, and shells - also stolen from the mantle.

I’m trying to send a subliminal message via scrabble letters.

If you have pets, small children, or a husband, I suggest covering the book with pretty paper and using double sided tape to stick the letters to the covered book.
Since I borrowed so much from the mantle, it needed a little filling out.

I grabbed the “S” that will one day hang on the gallery wall I’m planning for the stairs.

I think it fits in just fine with the nautical paint-by-numbers.

VoilĂ ! New living room look – zero dollars spent!

Tell me I’m not the only one constantly moving things around! And…Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!


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The First Words said...

Definitely love it! I appreciate your creative and frugal solutions! Keep it up!

Chane' said...

Did you make those baskets on the shelf? Are they made out of newspaper?

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

Can't beat a free makeover! The living room looks wonderful! LOVE that little book, too. :)

Hattie said...


Yes, I did make them out of newspaper. You can find them under my How-To link. They are easy but take some time to make.


Tracy said...

Two thumbs up! It looks fresh and summer-y. I have a hard time moving things around after I find a look that I like. Kudos to you!