Monday, February 22, 2010

a little nesty

It’s a very springy DIY Day here at the roost! I figured it was time to change out my little Valentine’s Day display for something more neutral. Oh course, when I think neutral, I think birds! It’s an obsession, a problem, perfectly normal.

I got the ball rolling by making some super fun (and practically free) paper nests.
You only need two supplies: Shredded paper and mod podge. White glue would probably also work. I wanted my nest to have a little color and texture variation, so I shredded one sheet of brown construction paper, one paper grocery bag, and a smidge of junk mail.
To form the nest, grab a hunk of paper, dab on each side with a generous plop of mod podge, and smoosh until everything sticks together.
Grab another hunk of paper and repeat, adding the new hunk to the old hunk. As you add the gluey bits of paper, form into a bowl/nest shape.
This is not hard at all, but your hands will be completely covered in glue. After your nest has reached the desired size, set aside to dry for thirty minutes.
Now that you have a cute little nest, you can display it however you want. It would be cute filled with moss and blown eggs, or a sweet little birdie.

I knew I wanted to display my nests in my glass fishbowls, and I thought it would be really cute to make paper birds to fly over the nests. I traced a clipart bird silhouette onto some scrapbook paper,
and used thread to attach them to sticks.

The finished product didn’t photograph very well (glass plus many windows = reflection city) but I think you get the idea.

Here’s a little close up of the birds.

I love how this turned out! It’s very clean and modern, but still cute and seasonal.

Am I the only one still obsessed in love with bird décor?



Wendy said...

Those are really cute!

Nope, you arent the only one. Birds are appearing everywhere in my house! I'm even doing my DD's 1st birthday in birds.

Julia said...

I had to mention you! Your projects are doable, and thus encouraging.

Tracy's mom said...

So sweet! What a simple, yet creative idea. Keep them coming.

Michela said...

No, you aren't the only one! I love them too! They are so fun and Spring-y. =)

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

birds are everywhere indeed! and yours are super adorable.
one small, small suggestion - would you consider drawing a very slight outline in black of the shapes of the birds, so you can tell what they are? with the straw-like nest they're in, their outline gets a tad lost up against the texture of that. does that make sense? you can totally ignore me because they really are fantastic and adorable :)

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

So very creative!!

Hattie said...

oooh, good idea Sarah! I noticed the same thing, but it was too dark to take pictures by the time I thought of grabbing a marker so I left things as is. Since you had the same thought, I think I'll try it :-)

Kathy said...

What a brilliant idea!