Friday, February 5, 2010

Like it, Love it, Make it

Well, this is not exactly how I wanted to share this project with you…but it’s time sensitive, to I’m going to go ahead and give you what I’ve got.
See, I had a ton of fun making a Valentine's card template, but I don’t have a finished product to show you. We are out of colored printer ink and cardstock and it’s snowing (again) and I’m going on day four of the sickness of doom. But, it would be really lame to wait until I'm better and the roads are cleared when there might not be enough time left to make and mail the cards before the big day.

Here is a screen shot of the template, which you can download here.
It’s an all in one card/envelope combo. All you need to do is download the template, change the lower message if you wish, print on cardstock, cut along the lines, and fold. Easy Peasy!

Here’s a close up of the message. I used to make this part of the card.

On Valentine’s Day, I think it’s really easy to get caught up in the romantic love aspect of the day and end up feeling like our relationships somehow fall short of an unattainable ideal. Because of this, I like to give cards that remind us of where love comes from in the first place. Personally, I need this reminder everyday! As I sit next to my husband, and we are both hacking, snotty, flu-riddled messes, it’s comforting to know that God thinks we are his beautiful creation and loves us even when we are covered in germs. It’s because of his love, that I’m able to look at my husband and still think he is the best-looking man on the planet, even in the midst of the sickness of doom!

I hope you like the card, and send one to someone special. Also, think about sending one to someone who wouldn’t expect to receive a card this Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t take that much to turn someone’s day around!


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