Tuesday, February 2, 2010

groundhog - shmoundhog

Do you ever write letters in your head? I often do this while driving: Attention blue Civic, your car came equipped with a turn signal – just wanted to let ya know! Today, I wrote four imaginary letters.

Dear Punxsutawney Phil,

I do not believe in you. I know you think we have 6 more weeks of winter ahead, but you are a groundhog. What do you know?

Dear cold/flu/sickness of doom,

Who let you into my house? My nose was perfectly happy not dripping. You are an unwelcome intruder and should vacate the premises immediately.

Dear snow,

I’m breaking up with you. We’ve had a good run, but my poor wimpy arms are still sore from shoveling you. Really, you are just too controlling. I do thank you for the three days off from work, but I’m still leaving you.

Dear spring,

I love you! As you know, I’ve broken up with that loser snow guy. I am anxiously awaiting your arrival – I’ve even picked out a cute outfit for our first date!

Did you write any imaginary letters today?



Megan said...

Yes, I did.

Here goes:

Dear Crazy Driver,

I have small children with me. It's icy & snowy...and STILL you DRIVE CRAZY! If my car were empty of children...I would HUNT you down. (I promise)
Have a nice day.

Julia said...

Oh, mine is political for my city.

Dear El Paso,

Why do you not have $35,000 for cell phone ban signs in school zones, but you have $15,000 to spend on an outside mediator as a go between for a local business and the five people who live around him?

My sales tax better not go up,

OOOh Hattie. That was fun. Thanks for the chance to vent! I wrote about February goals if you want to share any of your own...

Tim and Tracy said...

Dear Hattie,

You are so cute. I love your imaginary letters and creative flair! I hope spring comes to sweep you off your feet.



Oh wait, that was a real letter. Oh well. Thanks for giving me a good giggle this morning with this post!

Tracy's mom said...

Hattie, you are too cute and funny. Thanks for the laugh! I guess my letter is always spoken aloud and would go something like this. Dear Traffic Engineering Department, How do you expect any cars to get through this 10 second green light after sitting here for at least 3 minutes? Arrrrgh! Not fair.

Ashleigh said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I had so much fun reading your blog. Your letters are so funny. Here's mine.....

Dear sleep,

I don't know why I can't get enough of you. I don't know why I don't visit you earlier in the night, but why must you end so early. I'm sorry I let other things get in the way of you and me. I need to start spending more time with you before I start to look old and haggard! Ha!

- Ashleigh

p.s. I can't believe your sliver shoes. Who would've thought of that? Not me. They turned out cute.

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Sorry Hattie - my letter would be a little different...

Dear Snow,

I am enjoying you so very much this winter. I hope the predicted 12+ inches is true! I can't wait to bake, drink hot chocolate, play games and watch movies with my boys.


I enjoyed your letters so much! I have similar thoughts but never thought to put them into letters. A lot more fun that way I think! I love your sweet blog! xo-Mel

Amanda said...

Dear brain,

Please figure out how to fix the leaky water heater so your body can get back to taking pleasant showers without first going into the scary basement to turn on the water supply.