Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daisy Day

Remember the sweet Valentine’s bouquet I received from my even sweeter husband? Well the daisies are still chugging along!

The roses dried up, but the daisies just keep going – yet another reason to love them!
I think they look so sunny on the kitchen table.
I can’t wait till it’s warm enough for beauties like this to line the edges of the fields around the roost.

I told you the roses dried up, but I salvaged them.
I think they have a faded, romantic look.
Although, I sometimes think I might be a little nuts for sticking old roses in an IKEA spice jar.
But then I get over it and swoon over them a little
I’m weird like that.

How do you make your flowers last longer? Does anyone else keep dried roses?



Megan said...

flower food helps....trimming the stems at an angle ever few days.... and I recently met someone who said they put a little sugar in the water. (Don't quote me on the last one?)

Michela said...

That's funny, my hubby got me daisies for V-day too, and they are still alive and well! They must be heartier than other flowers. Love the milk glass!

merrycam said...

I have an obsession with keeping dried flowers, I think most would call me crazy because of it. I actually managed to fill a big pickle jar with carnations and roses (carnations dry beautifully!)

Also, I second that "Sugar in the water" idea, not sure where I heard it from but I've definitely seen it suggested a couple of times!