Tuesday, February 16, 2010

As Seen on TV

My husband loves gadgets. I mean, he LOVES them. This man could spend hours in Brookstone. On Friday, we had a conversation in Target that went something like this:

Me: “Why is there a Shark portable steam pocket in our cart?”

Brad: “Do you know how many attachments this thing comes with? It has the wedge tool, the duster, the scrub brush, a cylinder…”

Me: “But why is it in our cart?”

Brad: “Guess how much it is? Twenty bucks cheaper than on TV!”

Me: “If we buy it, do you promise to use it tomorrow to clean the whole house.”

Brad: “Yes!”

Me: “Sold!”

I’m always skeptical of infomercial products, so I thought I’d take a few action shots as Brad put the steam pocket to work.

First he used the duster tool to go over every bit of fabric in the roost. He did the curtains, furniture, pillows, and mattress. I have a horrible dust allergy, so this is one of the features I was the most excited about. The house definitely smelled and felt fresher after this, and the steam didn’t soak any of the fabric. I really have no idea if it actually killed any dust mites, but I certainly haven’t sneezed any more than normal and I have had less sinus headaches.

Next, Brad went over all the kitchen cabinets and counters with the wedge tool.



I liked the results, but this tool is not a miracle worker. It cleaned the areas I normally clean every week like a charm, but it did not fix some bad grease spots I’ve been trying to get rid of for awhile. If you use this to clean a fresh mess, you’ll probably be fine, but it’s not the answer to your ancient stains.
The scrubby brush went to work in the shower and the sink
And the cylinder pocket fit all around the faucet.

I’m happy with this purchase, but I don’t think it’s going to replace all my cleaning supplies. I love that it can be used to freshen fabric and steam wrinkles out of clothes. I think I’ll use it every week for my regular kitchen and bathroom cleaning. But – for big messes or stubborn stains, I’ll need to fall back on more traditional cleaning supplies.

Note: Shark did not compensate me in anyway for this review.

Now, spill: What is your favorite cleaning gadget? Just don’t tell my husband!


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