Sunday, July 26, 2009

lighten up

Way back in May, when I made my summer break to-do list, fixing up the bathroom ranked number one. I started off with a bang, making an easy-peasy no-sew sink skirt, but things pretty much stagnated after that. This weekend, Brad and I finally got around to taking a few more steps towards improving the 'ol water closet.
Note that the the pretend brass sconces clash beautifully with the stainless steal sink/mirror unit. Yeah, this was driving me crazy.

We'd priced some replacements at Home Depot and Lowe's, but everything decent and practical for the space was way more than we wanted to spend on a rental home. Enter my good friend, Rust-Oleum spray paint. I only recently discovered that they make some pretty good looking metallic shades. By good looking, I mean that they do not remind me of an 80's hair band colliding with Flavor Flav on the way to a Price is Right showcase showdown. So yeah, these tamer metallic shades are a very good thing. We picked up a can of clean metal primer (I am a total primer convert, I can't believe I was ever too cheap/lazy to use it) and a can of matte nickle. Brad handled the electricity element of this project as well as the sanding and spraying. I pretty much just washed the old globes. It's super nice to have a husband in a project-y mood!

No more clashing!

A little close up action. These look even better in person.

So now we've got the new sink skirt, the new sconce color and one more new thing...

Remember those tablecloths I made for the tea party? It turns out that if I just give them a little fold, they magically transform into cute guest towels.
I still have a few more things I'm hoping to get done in the bathroom before school starts, so hopefully I'll have one more update for you before September.



Tim and Tracy said...

That looks so great- I love that nickle color. Excellent job, Mr. and Mrs. Smart.

Julia said...

I so understand the desire to finish projects prior to school starting - I'm working on that too! So, anyway - blog award for you! Come over and get it so you can hand it on. :o)