Friday, May 15, 2009

School's Out for the Summer - Well, Almost!

I feel like summer is almost here ( OK, so it's really five weeks until summer break, but it feels like summer is almost here) and that means it's time to make some plans for my 7 weeks off from teaching. Here are my goals, some fun, some home improving, some just silly.

1. Do something about the bathroom - The bathroom is my least favorite room in the house, thus the reason it has never been pictured on this blog. It is very small and has a lot of issues, some of which I have no control over, but I'm determined to do what I can to improve things. At the very least, I want to make a sink skirt (but not your granny's sink skirt) to hide all the plumbing and other ugly stuff.

2. Put my feet in the ocean -It's been over two years since I've been to a beach and that is far too long when VA Beach is less than three hours away.

3. Paint stuff - I may go overboard on this one. I tend to go nuts and feel that everything in the house would look so much better with a coat of white paint. We have two white dressers, a white TV stand, three white bookshelves, a white nightstand, a white accent table, white cabinets, white table and chairs, white iron bed, white desk, white china hutch, and white armoire. It would have taken much less time to list the thing in our house not painted white. Nether the less, I still want to paint the little cabinet in our kitchen, and the bench in the hall, and maybe a few more bookcases. My goal is to paint these a color other than white. Well, except for the bookcases, they would look so good in white. . .

4. Do very Richmond-y things, especially free and cheap Richmond-y things - Summer calls for picnics at Maymont, window shopping in Cary Town, movies at the Byrd, and at least one outdoor concert. I also want to try some new things like the ghost walk, check out the addition at the VA Museum, and finally use my free teacher membership at the Science Museum.

5. Blog more regularly and start a book - Maybe. I think I can handle the increase in blogging, but I think I'm probably doomed to fail on the book front. It would be nice to actually give the 'ol creative writing degree a little workout, but I know how lazy I am. We shall see.

6. Generally make good use of the time and money - this includes not sleeping half the day, actually accomplishing something each day, volunteering (Vacation Bible School here we come), saving money, getting more in shape/less pear-like/able to use more than the ten pound resistance band/actually use the resistance bands/not leave resistance bands in sloppy pile behind the bedroom door, and not spending money on exercise equipment that will end up in a sloppy pile behind the bedroom door.

OK, that seems like a pretty good list to start with. Summer here I come!

Do y'all have any plans, exciting or otherwise?



Masterson said...

Good goals, good goals! :) We can help you on goal #2... My goals are to work out regularly, do some writing, keep the house a little cleaner, tons of reading, and do some volunteering. Or, basically, I could just borrow your list...

Mrs. H. said...

You are inspiring Hattie! My goals will generally be to have a laid back summer...enjoy not having to homeschool, exercise faithfully, make-over
Andrew's bedroom (which we promised him for Christmas), read more books, spend time with our darling daughter while she's on vacay! Also to enjoy our first year at Emerald Isle with Tim, Tracy and the rest of the Masterson clan. Best wishes for success on achieving your goals. I'd dont think your motivated personality will have any problems. :)