Monday, July 13, 2009

This Land was Made for You and Me!

Brad and I have some exciting news! As of 3:30 today, we are the proud owners of four acres of beautiful Louisa, VA dirt. My Grandma graciously and generously gifted us with four acres of the family farm. It's been a long process of surveying, trips to a lawyer to have a deed drawn up, and two trips to the court house to get our plat approved and our deed recorded. Today it's official, and we could not be happier or feel more blessed!

Here we are standing in our future front yard area. One day there will be a house behind us!

This will be the view if you stand on the front porch and look a little to the right.

If you turn to the left you'd get this view.

The side yard. Brad was measuring where our house might go.

My favorite, the view from our future back deck.

We are so, so excited! Owning land definitely makes us want to save more than ever for that dream house! Hopefully, in about two years, we'll walk in our front door and be home!

Thanks Grandma!



Christen said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment! To answer your question, we went to tea at Feathernesters in North Side, the cutest tea house and store ever! Seriously, go for tea if you ever have a chance. They don't give cupcakes but they do have an awesome little tea tray they put out (little sandwiches, fruit, cheesecake tarts, scones, cookies, cream puffs, etc.) It was so girly and fun! (Also, they have a really cute website, if you ever want to google it!)

Christen said...

By the way, I posted a comment to this post yesterday congratulating you on your land, but perhaps it didn't go through correctly or something cause I don't see it now!

That is such a gorgeous plot of land!! What kind of house will you all be building?

Hattie said...


Thanks! We are very excited! We plan to build a craftsman style home. Think stone foundation, big front porch, and six over one window panes.

I've never been to Feathernesters, but the same guys used to own Huckleberries. One of my best friends had a bridal luncheon there that was wonderful, so I'm not surprised that their tea is also good. I'll have to check it out!

Tim and Tracy said...

Congrats you two!!!! How exciting- one step closer... I love these pics, especially the ones of you two. You should frame them and hang them in your new house when the time comes. :D