Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to waste and hour without really trying

After a wonderful 4th of July weekend at Lake Gaston, I'm excited to get back to life at home and in the blog world. Our Internet access at the lake was hit or miss due to roaming. Now that we're headed home, I've been online since we hit the first interstate!

I had planned to use this post to sing the praises of my favorite shelter mag , Better Homes and Gardens, but I stumbled upon so much cool stuff on their site that I got a little distracted. If you haven't checked out, go. Now. It's so much fun! I really like the color-a-room feature that lets you play with paint, flooring, and window treatments for every room of the house. I think this is such a valuable tool because it always amazes me how different a paint chip color looks once it's splashed on four walls. I almost always end up liking colors several shades lighter than what I think I'd like. It's also great to see these colors in relation to flooring choices. If paint is in your future, this little tools can suck you in for an hour or two!
- - -
Back to the original point of this post. When shelter magazines started biting the dust over the winter, it was a very sad time in the roost. I loved Cottage Living a lot, and I didn't think I'd ever find anything as good to give me my glossy home decor fix. On a whim that had a lot to do with the very reasonable subscription prices, I decided to give BHG a try. I have been so pleasantly surprised by the quality and value of this magazine. Not only does BHG offer great eye candy, but they also tend to feature reasonably priced items, simple and easy recipes, and lots of focus on green building.

The July issue is the best I've received so far. Lots of great recipes and food presentation ideas are included. This issue also features a ton of homes decorated in my favorite styles, a finished basement redo, and this cool idea for using typography to punch up your decor.

If you're not sure if BHG is your speed, I'd recommend picking this one up or finding it at your library. Almost every page has a great idea or inspiration!

I hope y'all had a wonderful 4th!


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