Monday, July 6, 2009

Annie get your (glue) gun!

Hi, my name is Hattie, and I'm an empty container hoarder. Please tell me there are other people out there with this problem? I don't hoard normal containers like butter tubs or milk jugs, but when I come across something with an interesting shape, I just can't throw it away. Eventually, I end up with a pile of empty containers in our craft room/office, and I know I'd better make something or get over my issues! I still have several empty Altoids tins and a Truvia box, but today I got creative with my empty Bumblebee Tuna tins.
If these were ordinary tuna tins, I probably wouldn't have saved them, but my lemon pepper tuna came in this cute tin with a rounded bottom, and I knew it had a second life in a craft project. To make this little two tiered catch-all you will need to round up the following:
- Two containers with holes punched in the bottoms.
- Glue gun or other super powered glue of choice.
-Ribbon, twine, etc. for wrapping around the containers.
- Thin dowel rod or bamboo skewer cut to desired length.
First, glue your skewer to the inside bottom of one of the tins. I also glued twine around the skewer for added support.

Next, begin gluing twine or ribbon to the tin in a spiral design. I started on the bottom and continued 2/3 of the way up the sides.

I glued ribbon around the top edge for a splash of color.
Slide the second tin onto the skewer and glue in place. Wrap with twine or ribbon as you did for the first tin.

I also wrapped twine around the very top of the skewer as a finial. You could also use a bead or something else.
I decided to use my catch-all to hold my letter stamps and decorative brads.

I think the colors work pretty well next to our battered (AKA Vintage) pumpkin filing cabinet!
Have you ever put on your super crafty cape and transformed something ordinary into something cute and useful? Do tell!


sara's art house said...

Super, super cute!!!! I am off to find tuna tins :)

Sarah said...

Fabulous craft, I'm super impressed! God's blessings :D