Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The flea and me

I fell in love with a magazine.

Last weekend I spotted a copy of the brand new Flea Market Style magazine at B&N. We spent a lovely twenty minutes together over a cup of tea. After reading good idea after good idea, I decided I needed to bring this magazine home with me. Once I realized it was priced at $9.95, my bargain loving heart paused. I reluctantly put the magazine back and decided to see if it was possible to subscribe instead. After a visit to the Flea Market Style blog, I learned that it is only available on newsstands, and sales of the first issue will determine if future issues are created.

I nearly cried. I had held B&N’s only copy in my hands and foolishly put it back on the rack. I was certain my frugalness had cost me the chance to own this awesome magazine.

Thankfully, this love story has a happy ending. During a Wal-Mart run, I decided to check the magazine section – just to see. They had at least five copies of the magazine, one of which I gleefully purchased. Side Note: it rang up a dollar cheaper than the cover price.

Although I have never spent anywhere near that much on a magazine, it was worth every penny. Flea Market Style is 140 pages long and has very, very few advertisements. Nearly every page has eye candy and fresh ideas. I’m keeping the whole thing, because if I cut out every idea I want to add to my inspiration book, I’d have to use scissors on everything but the back cover. I feel like a lot of magazines recycle ideas over and over, but flipping through this magazine is like receiving a jolt of inspiration. From drum shades made from funnels, to a crib spring repurpose you have to see to believe, every page had me saying, “Oooh! I want to do that!”

So, take it from a cheapskate, this is a magazine that is truly worth your money. I (selfishly) hope you all buy a copy, because I really want to see a second issue!

Note: this is an unsolicited and unpaid review from a happy fan



Megan said...

Wow... I can't wait to see this magazine! How exciting!

Marianna said...

It is a great publication! Judging from how difficult it is to find I'm guessing it's going to be a hit. And as a frugal FYI Wal-Mart always discounts their magazines by 10%...I always go there for the really expensive ones I want!

Michela said...

Ooh- I just may have to check that out! Thanks for the tip!

Mrs. Nepper said...

I wonder if this one is in Canada?
You are the second blogger on my blog roll to post about this puppy. Kate at Centsational Girl posted about it yesterday...