Thursday, March 18, 2010

After a Fashion

Well, I promised you pictures of my skirt redo in action – so here ya go! First off, I would like to explain that Brad took these photos while talking on the phone. Let’s just say they are not the greatest ever.
I paired my skirt with a baby blue tee I’ve had forever. I threw on a white sweater from h&m because it’s still chilly outside. I think my face says, “Did you take the picture?”
I added a brown belt to break up all the blue. I did not wear the brown heels to work all day, but they are pretty cute with this skirt. Painful, but cute! This face says, “What is going on?”
I’ll leave you with a slightly grainy close up of the skirt. After wearing it all day, I have to say that it’s very comfy and I even got a few complements from some coworkers.

So, if you’re thinking of tackling a skirt refashion, I say, “Go for it!” and also, “Is the weekend here yet?”


1 comment:

Tim and Tracy said...

woot woot! Can you be my personal seamstress please? If I supply the fabric can you make me about 5 of those skirts? :) I'm super impressed.