Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bedding makeover part two

Well, I know you were all waiting on pins and needles to see what I was going make with the extra fabric leftover from my duvet cover turned blanket cover, or at least I deluded myself into thinking that you have that level of anticipation for my little projects.

In any case, the wait is over.

As much as I loved my old canvas ruffle pillow, I think I love my two new pillows a million times more. I made them using the same super easy envelope style pillow cover technique, and added a fun double ruffle down the front.

To make a double ruffle, cut a strip of fabric nearly twice as long as the length of your desired finished ruffle. Hem the edges if you’re worried about fraying.

Now, set your sewing machine stitch length to 5 and your tension to 8. Sew straight down one edge and the machine will automatically ruffle the fabric. Repeat on the other edge of the fabric and you have a super easy and super cute double ruffle.

I am now in love with our bed. It feels so calming and inviting to me.

I think I may have started a mini bedroom makeover craze, because I’ve mouse cookied myself into thinking I need to add a bamboo shade to the window.

I’m also thinking of replacing some of the art with some vintage fern prints.

And, what do you think about covering the lampshades in the same linen fabric I used to make my cuff bracelet. I know the red looks kind of nice with the little vignette I have going on for the pictures, but trust me when I say that a red tea cup and breakfast tray does not permanently reside on our bed.

So, without that extra pop of red, would the shades work better in a more neutral fabric?

What do ya’ll think?

I’m linking this up to DIY DAY because you ladies give the best and sweetest advice!



Michela said...

I was waiting on pins and needles! =) I love the pillow, very cute! I know what you mean, when you change one thing it's so tempting to just redo the whole room! I like your idea of the framed fern pictures, I think that would look really nice!

Tim and Tracy said...

This whole re-do looks really great. I love the green in your room. And the vignette that you set up is so charming! A+ And I love that cuff bracelet material- so yes, go for it and give it a little change! :)