Thursday, April 15, 2010

A little spring fluffing

Hello, lovely readers! Spring has brought out my nesting/fluffing/freshening up instincts, so I thought I’d show you a few of the minor changes I’ve made around the roost.

First, as long time readers know, I can’t leave my kitchen table alone for more than five seconds. I love to change up tablecloths and centerpieces. It’s a sickness really.

Tempted by some of the prettiest carnations I’ve ever seen at Trader Joe’s, I opted to go simple with a vase of pretty posies and a cheery vintage cloth.

I also added a plant I bought at IKEA and will probably kill soon.

 I love plants and this leafy little guy won my heart, but given that I belong on the plant killer’s most wanted list, his days are probably numbered.

In the living room, I couldn’t resist filling my favorite Ball jars with more fresh flowers.

Don’t you just love how a few flowers add so much class and life to a room?

Finally, I realized I’ve never shown you my newish huge green jug.

I love the color so much! But trust me when I say that this thing is HUGE.

Our house is so tiny, that this was the only place to stick it, but I love it and I don’t care that much that the scale is a little off.

Does spring make you crave fresh arrangements? What are your favorite nest fluffing tricks when the weather turns warm?



Christen said...

So pretty! That seriously makes me want to get some jars and do the same thing... where would you get jars like that, a vintage store?

Michela said...

Haha, I am on the "plant killers anonymous" list too. Nothing seems to survive past 2 months in my house! I too am a big fan of fresh flowers. I really wish we had a trader Joes closer to us!

Tim and Tracy said...

I love the bell jars! This year I'm going to usher in spring by decorating with some fruit instead of flowers. it came about b/c I'm using it as decoration for a shower I'm hosting, but I think that I'll keep it around as the weather starts to warm up since the colors are so pretty!