Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And a little bit about Bamboo

Let’s talk about bamboo blinds. Let’s talk about how much I looooove them. This love turned into the need to switch out our bedroom window treatment from this lacy valance,

To bamboo!

I super, super love the change!

I think it works so much better with the calm, natural vibe I’m going for in this room.

The question is, should I take it a step further a la Young House Love and my twin soul Tracy and add sheer white curtain panels?

Since the ceiling is slanted (fun fact: all the ceilings in the roost are slanted!) I’m not sure it would look right.

Hmmm. Thoughts?



Mrs. Nepper said...

Hmm, I like it as is. And yes the slanted roof could make it a little tricky. It definitely adds to the calm vibe. Like it!

Tim and Tracy said...

I'm biased, obviously. I love a sheer white curtain but I haven't had to contend with your super fun slanty ceilings. Have you tried having Brad hold up some long fabric in front of the window to see how it would look? Or rigging some sheets up in the window to get a feel for it? (PS- I like your new blinds!)

Stacy of KSW said...

White panels for sure - have you ever seen the panels hun only on the sides and not on a rod all the way across? I'll have to try to find a pic of what I'm talking about but I think that would work for your slanted ceiling issue.

ensonyüreklerölür said...

your house very nıce:))

Megan said...

I would say, pass on the curtains...they are cute, but would make the space too busy...it looks like there wouldn't be enough room there. funny fact! :)