Sunday, April 18, 2010

Preview of coming attractions

I went on a project binge this weekend. Suddenly, I had all these ideas for things I wanted to make and accomplish, and I wanted to do them all right then and there.

For one thing, I took down almost all the art in our bedroom and created some new stuff.

You’ll being seeing some of this later this week.

Some of it you won’t see again until I create a gallery wall in our stairwell.

I spent a loooooooong time looking for just the right images and highly recommend both The Graphics Fairy and Vintage Printable.

I also spent a loooong time covering the shades of both lights in our bedroom. You’ll be seeing those tomorrow.

Then, I spent some time with paint. A lot of time, actually.

Just to top things off, I managed to get ideas for two dress refashions I want to make next weekend and a few more ideas for our bedroom, which is quickly becoming a total makeover project.

So that was my weekend: paint, spray adhesive, hot glue, paper, fabric, three kinds of scissors, pins, an iron, and only one tiny burn my finger.

How did you spend your weekend?


1 comment:

Tomesia said...

those are so great!!!!!!! love the muted colors. you're full of ideas and inspirations!