Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Back!

Well, spring break has come to an end. It was wonderful to catch up on sleep, spend time with Brad, get stuff done around the house (projects coming soon) and take a lovely trip to IKEA. We came home with a few new little treasures, but I also took some eye candy pics for you.

Like a lot of blogland, I’m gaga over the white EKTORP sofa, but this charcoal grey number really had me smitten. Maybe it’s the comfy array of pillows, or the sophisticated lines, but I fell for this sofa big time. My heart still belongs to white slipcovers, but I could see this fitting in perfectly in our dream home’s library.

In the “why didn’t I think of that?” category, I love the idea of casually tossing a few books in gorgeous baskets like these. Sigh…I wish I’d taken a few home with me.

I think it must be the red that drew me to this vignette. It’s much more modern than my usual style, but those punchy red chairs and whimsical basket lights had me thinking fun indoor picnic.

Finally, I bring you my semi dream kitchen, or at least my dream cabinets, island, and sink combo.

We currently have these bead board cabinets, and I like them enough to want to use them again in our dream house.

Ok, I don’t love the lights (although I have the exact style hanging over my kitchen table and love it there), blinds, valance, or backsplash. BUT – I love the double apron-front sink, butcher block counters, and cool panel that blends the dishwasher seamlessly with the rest of the cabinets.

Mmmmm, cabinets and counter space!

I really heart this butcher block island, and kind of even dig the hanging pot rack.

I’m a huge fan of these corner shelves. I already have the bottom version of these, but I would love to one day have the upper and lower. They add fun display space and a really finished look.

I know this was a very mini virtual tour of our IKEA trip, but I hope you had a little fun tagging along. Any IKEA favorites of your own?



Tim and Tracy said...

Oooh- wish I had those baskets for our bookshelves! That would be a great size... do you remember how much they were?

Hattie said...

I think 5.99, so not that bad, but I would have wanted a bunch of them so I had to say, "not this trip!"