Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living room game plan

As promised, here are some pics of where my racket press frame landed!

As I was deciding where to place the frame, I realized how many other game or sports inspired items I had tucked away. Since I like all things whimsical and fun for spring, I decided to go for a vintage game theme in the living room and make little vignettes with all my treasures.

My new frame, a bowling pin, and a whirly toy look right at home on this bookshelf.

A wire basket full of vintage croquette balls add a splash of color to a nearby shelf.

On the coffee table an old silverware sorter holds letter dice, dominoes, pick up sticks, and the classic ball in a cup.

I nestled the box in a blue tray to add a bit of color and interest. Even the sofa pillows are getting into the act with their vintage bicycle prints!

I'm really loving the cheerful and not too serious vibe of this new decor!

I guess spring brings out the kid in me!

What do you think? Am I silly to decorate with game pieces?

More about the bookshelf makeover here and here.


Alison said...

Hi! I am new to your blog. Your bookshelf looks wonderful! I need to know more about those newsprint bins. LOVE them! Do you have a post about those, or can you give us a tutorial for making them?? I need those! :) Thanks!

Hattie said...

Hi, Alison!

You can find out how I made the baskets here:
They take a lot of time, but they are really easy to make and pretty much free. I'm glad you like them and good luck!