Thursday, March 10, 2011

Style Engine

Remember how much fun it was to take magazine quizzes when you were in high school? If you were like me, you spent hours with your best friend determining who was your celebrity crush, what kind of jeans fit your style, and how you could best change up your beauty routine. Sometimes I kind of wish my beloved decor magazine came with quizzes so I could relive the fun and learn something more useful than to avoid orange lipstick. Thankfully, we have this fun thing called the Internet, and it's has lots of home and decorating quizzes!

Today I found a new-to-me quiz from sproost called the Style Engine. You get to rate a series of living rooms as LOVE IT, LIKE IT, JUST OK, DON'T LIKE IT, or HATE IT. from your choices they determine your style. I have to say, these quizzes aren't always very accurate, but they pegged me pretty well...

These are two of the inspiration pics they gave me:

I love pretty much everything here except for the rug. The sofa and windows are my favorite parts.

This next picture is even more my style.

Yeah. Bead board? Love it! Coffee table? Love it! Sofa? Love it! Transom? Love it!

Take the quiz and let me know what style it gave you. We can have a little blog slumber-party-style gab session!



Michelle said...

How cool- it says my style is French Eclectic... I'll post the pics (I doo like them ;)

Tracy said...

It should come as no surprise that I'm the same as you- though I got some very different pictures. :)