Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Orange you glad spring is here?

OK, so spring isn't "officially" here, but as soon as February ends I go into crazy spring decorate/clean/buy new clothes mode. I've been wanting to bring some new colors into the kitchen, and a weekend trip to Ikea provided just the spring pick-me-up I needed to freshen things up for a new season.

For $2.99 I picked up this great table runner with red, pink, orange, and gray stripes. It was just the thing to help tie some orange and pink in with the red that already dominates the kitchen.

I already had a huge carton of tangerines from Trader Joe's, so I used them to fill a big glass canister. I also stuck in a few leaves for a pop of green.

I shopped the house to decorate this little nook. A few pieces of milk glass, some silk flowers, and a little fresh greenery, made things all nice and perky.

At Ikea, I ignored my black thumb and picked up two pretty succulents to brighten up the buffet.

Plopped in fresh white pots, they make me a little giddy with spring fever!

What makes you feel all spring-y?

P.S. our house plans are almost done! I can't wait to share them with you!


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Tracy's mom said...

Compliments on your cute table runner. I am a bit of a table linen junkie. I love to collect tablecloths, place mats and runners like some women love buying new shoes!
Can't wait to see those house plans.