Monday, March 14, 2011

old books and new flowers

Inspired by Pottery Barn’s stack of books,

I decided to give the look my own take by arranging a few stacks of twine tied books in my favorite basket. I added a little extra color by popping in a few fabric flowers for a touch of spring.

These flowers are super easy to make with a few fabric scraps, a couple of stitches and some beading or floral wire.

To make a flower, stack three fabric circles on top of one another.

Then, fold the stack in half and take s stich in the middle of the folded edge. Fold the flower in half the other way and take a few more stiches until you like the shape. I stuck a beading pin through the middle of the flower for a simple stem.

Normally, I have decorating ADD and like to change things up all the time, but I’m kind of digging the fact that this little arrangement will work nicely until the summer.

Maybe it’s the perfect blue/green of the basket, or the texture and smell of the old books, or it could even be the almost-but-not-quite neutral tone of the flowers … whatever it is, this simple little vignette is making me smile today!


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Tracy said...

Ooooh! Books tied up with string. I might have to steal this idea! I love it.