Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome the season

Let the countdown to Christmas begin! Today I put up the advent tree I made last year.

The light was already fading when I got home, but I still snapped a few pictures of the tree’s new location.

Last year, the tree lived on our hall table, and Brad knocked into it (or was attacked – it depends on who you ask) every time he ventured downstairs. Anyway, to prevent further tree angst, this year I moved it into the kitchen. We read the first verse this evening and officially welcomed Christmas into our home!

What are your favorite ways to get in the Christmas spirit? I also love reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever aloud every year and drinking peppermint mochas!



Cara said...

Love it, Hattie! I just did a post today of our Advent tree that was inspired by you!


Christen said...

Cute post! I love watching Love Actually and later putting on my "yule log" DVD (since I don't have a working fireplace).