Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There's no business like snow business

What do you get when I combine my love of snowmen with my love of old books?

Vintage book page glitter snowflakes! I made three garlands of these flakes to jazz up my snowmen display.

The snowmen were lonely without any snow friends to play with, so I grabbed my go-to source for vintage paper, this yellowed thesaurus.

First, I googled “how to cut a paper snowflake” because I’d forgotten my first grade snowflake skills.

Then, I cut out fifteen snowflakes in various sizes.

I spread out some waxed paper and brushed glue on the edges of the flakes, then I sprinkled them with fancy glitter and let them dry.

After the first side dried, I repeated the process. I used white thread to string the snowflakes together.

I love how they add some sparkle to the hallway!

Did you make paper snowflakes when you were a kid?



NYCLQ said...

How clever and sweet! Just what your snowmen needed - and BTW: love the table they're on too!!

:D Lynda

Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

Those look great! Great use for book paper!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Those snowflakes are beautiful!