Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Would you like to see my etchings?

Hello, blog friends! Wanna fun, classy, and personalized gift you can make in less than 30 minutes?

I knew I wanted to make personalized glasses for one of my friends, but I couldn’t decide how to personalize them. I thought about painting a fancy shape in chalkboard paint so the glasses could be personalized for the occasion (think about the fun: names for parties, seasonal doodles, etc.) but I couldn’t determine if the paint was washable. Next, I thought about buying glass paint, but drawing is really not my crafty forte, and I didn’t want my friend to have to give me one of those awkward “thank you – but what am I going to do with this hideous object that you made me” smiles. I was running out of ideas when Young House Love posted a glass etching project! Aha, something fun and crafty with minimal drawing skills needed!

To make your own, gather: Armour Etch cream or another brand (head’s up Richmonders, this is the only etching cream at Michael’s. I found out the hard way that Ben Franklin, Target, and Wal-Mart don’t sell any etching cream at all), wide painter’s tape, scotch tape, a craft knife, a cutting board, and an image to trace.

To get started, stick a strip of painter’s tape to the cutting board. Scotch tape your image over the painter’s tape. I used the font numberpile to print out these fun numbers. Next, slowly cut out your image with the craft knife.

Very carefully peel off your painter’s tape stencil and stick it on your glass. Press down firmly to really seal the tape edges. I stuck on a little extra tape for good measure. Now, use a cheap brush to glop on an even layer of etching cream. I started by leaving the cream on for a little over a minute and it did not etch evenly. I found that 5 minutes worked really well. Important! Rinse the cream off under running water, do not wipe it off with a towel – it makes the etching look funny.

There ya go, an easy peasy project that looks pretty nifty!




Tracy said...

They turned out lovely!

Anonymous said...

good idea...but it doesn't look like you did a very good job at placing the circles (they are all crooked and not equally distanced):P

Hattie said...

True, number 2 is a bit lower than the other numbers! The others match up very well in person and my friend really liked them - so I'm happy with my first attempt. It is important to think about where you placed the first number rather than getting so excited that the cream actually worked that you stick on the second number with wild abandon - not that I would know or anything! :-p

Christen said...

They look fabulous, Hattie!! Great job!

I might have to make a beer mug for Dan...

Charlotte said...

those look awesome!