Friday, July 8, 2011

Splish Splash in the Master Bath

Brad and I made our second dream house purchase yesterday (actually we've purchased a ton of things, but I don't count soil samples and perk tests because you can't decorate with those) at the Love of Jesus thrift store.

This $80 buffet came home with us and will be transformed into the master bath vanity. To refresh your memory, here's the floor plan:

As you can see, the design doesn't waste any space, so we will need to be creative to find maximize storage. We will do some custom things to help us cheat some extra storage out of the plan, such as using the buffet as a vanity and adding recessed shelves in the shower, behind the tub, and in the potty closet. I couldn't resist throwing together an idea board to show you my plans for the room.

All images (and more) from my pinterest bathroom board. Check there for source info.

1. This gives you an idea of the overall feel I'm going for. We will be cladding the side of our jetted tub in bead board and will probably clad the back of the built in shelves behind the tub in bead board as well. The walls will be a light blue/gray/green.

2. This is the finish I'm thinking of trying to recreate on the buffet. I really like the idea of a washed out driftwood look. I'm slightly terrified of trying this, but if it doesn't work, I can always just paint it white!

3. We are going to go with two vessel sinks to transform the buffet into a double vanity. This is my favorite so far. It's clean and simple without being overly modern or cold.

4. We also hope to add some extra cottage style touches to the room. I like the idea of the charm and extra storage this would give us.

5. Subway tile is a must in the shower! I also like the idea of this hexagon flooring, with a Dash and Albert rug to warm it up a bit.

6. This is very close to the style of shower we will have. Ignore the colors and focus on the rain head shower and built in bench and shelf.

7. Brad really wants some colored tile to break up the white in the shower. We might go with something in this style, but not this color.

8. This is in the color range I'd like for the accent tile in the shower.

So, what do you think? Are we crazy to mix the different patterns (subway, bead board, and hexagon flooring)? What would you do if this was your future bathroom?



Stephen and Larissa said...

I've been a lurker for a while. (I think I commented before on your house plans post.) We are planning to build a house soon too and we share a lot of design preferences, so I like to take a peek and see what you've got planned! I am LOVING this buffet to sink idea! I've been trying to talk the hubby into it but he has a fear of antiques/used furniture. ha!

Tracy said...

Love this buffet for your sink!! Perfect and I really like the mood board you have going on- particularly the hexagon flooring idea.

Tracy's mom said...

Ditto about the buffet - I love the whole idea & can't wait to see all of your plans come together. Love that blue too.

Christen said...

I can not wait to see everything come together. You are so creative to use that piece for your sink!