Monday, July 18, 2011

My living room is on vacation

I love the game theme I did for the living room, but seeing back to school items in stores this week (seriously, people!) had me clamoring to live up the summer for as long as it lasts. So, I decided to bring in a little beachy, nautical vibe to keep September far from my mind.

That's why this:

Turned into this:

To start, I took the blue tray off the bottom and flipped it over on top of the divided box.

Hmm... yeah, looks like I didn't bother to paint the bottom. Scrapbook paper to the rescue!

Now, just add a fish bowl full of jute rope.

And I have to make a little ribbon nautical bunting. (sew through little ribbon scraps - super duper easy)

Add a candle and some sea shells for the finishing touch - and there ya go!

I also added my "S" and a vintage nautical oil panting to extend the look to the rest of the coffee table.

Now when I'm sitting in the living room watching far too many hours of netflix streaming, I remember that it's OK, because I'm on vacation!




Tracy said...

those hanging nautical flags are the bees knees! love it!

Tracy's mom said...

you have just confirmed what I already knew - scrapbook paper solves everything! Love your summer attitude.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Your ribbon nautical bunting is absolutely adorable! And I love that you just added scrapbook paper to the bottom the tray to cover the unpainted part:)