Monday, July 18, 2011

kitchen dreaming

Here's a little kitchen idea board for the dream house:

1. We are going to go with an Ikea kitchen, appliances and all. This is the mock up Brad created on their website. Note the counter tops are missing, see number 3 for what we're planning there. We also plan to use trim around the top of the cabinets to cheat them up to the top of the ceiling and edge in crown. That weirdo gap on the right side will be filled in in real life.

2. This is the feel I would like to have in the kitchen. We plan to go with a very pale aqua wall color and lots of pops of red in the accessories.

3. I am super open to counter top suggestions! All I know is that I want something that looks like carrera marble at a much cheaper price tag.

4. We are going to build our own island, and I really want to find lab stools to use in place of bar stools.

5. These nautical/industrial lights are awesome! I think two or three of them will look great over the island.

I can't wait to get started on turning these ideas into reality! Our closing date for the construction loan is set for the end of July and we are praying that it all goes smoothly.

If you want to see more kitchen ideas, check out my pinterest board.

What would you have to have in your dream kitchen?



Kristen Z said...

Woohoo for a closing date! Love the aqua and red.

Tracy said...

oh, it will look so purty! :) i would do the same things- but no big surprise there. so excited for you to finally begin!!