Tuesday, June 28, 2011

room snooping

My parents just finished putting an addition on the back of their house. They added a garage and with a large room and bathroom over top. My mom calls the new room her vacation room, because she wants to feel like she's on vacation when she walks in the room.

I think she succeeded! The rest of the house is very colonial, but this room has a vintage meets beachy feel that is nice and relaxing. The sofa, tables, and pillows are ikea and the recliner is lazy boy.

Behind the half wall are stairs that lead down to the garage.

The rooms gets a lot of sunlight that makes little nautical touches seem right at home. I have a serious crush on the ikea lanterns!

This glass front cabinet is my favorite thing in the room. The paint color is perfect and my mom's collection of vintage globes looks great displayed behind the wavy glass.

Her shell, ruler, and pencil collections look great in vintage glass containers.

Another view of the room. The runner leads to the breezeway that connects this room to the kitchen/dinning area.

Extra storage is built under the eves. This room is a pretty and practical addition to my parent's house. It makes me itch to get started on our own dream home!

Dream home update: Our second appraisal came in much (like around $100,000) higher than the first appraisal, so if all goes well with the rest of the process we are on our way to breaking ground. Still sending up lots of prayers that we have wisdom during all of this!


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Tracy said...

beautimous!! thanks for sharing with us the gorgeous new space. i adore that antique glass front cabinet. and also a big congrats on your good dream home news. tim and i are excited for you!