Sunday, June 5, 2011

rope me in

I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me to figure out how to make these rope bracelets. I had the idea of criss-crossing fabric around rope to create a nautical look, but I had no idea how to create a clasp to hold the bracelet together. I tried weaving elastic through the rope, creating a hook closure by wrapping wire around the rope, and even creating a loop closure with ribbon and a button. I couldn't hit on anything that worked and looked good, so I set off to Hobby Lobby. I wanted to find a large bale finding that I could crimp around the ends of the rope, but they didn't have anything large enough. I picked up some E6000 glue and simple toggle clasps, hoping I'd come up with something. Right before I fell asleep last night, I finally figured out a solution. Why do all the best ideas come to you right before bed or in the shower? Maybe it's just me! Anyway, If you're still reading this and want to make one of these cuties, here's how!

You will need scrap fabric strips, a piece of rope long enough to reach around your wrist, a clasp, needle and thread, and duct tape.

Start by cutting two small squares of fabric, just big enough to wrap over the ends of the rope. Securely sew a clasp to the middle of each square of fabric.

According to the package directions, glue each fabric square to the ends of the rope.

I wanted to make sure the clasp wasn't going anywhere, so once the glue dried, I also used a needle and thread to sew the edges of the fabric square to the rope.

Next, criss-cross your fabric strip down the rope, and knot at the end.

I took a needle and thread and sewed the fabric to the rope on each end to keep it from unraveling.

To finish things off, take two small strips of colored duct tape and wrap them around each end of the rope to hide your stitches. If you don't want to use duct tape, you could probably cut extra strips of fabric and use fabric glue to hold them down.

I went ahead and made three bracelets so I can mix and match them.

I really liked how these turned out, so I'm glad I kept searching for an answer to my clasp conundrum!

What's the best idea you've come up with while half-asleep?



kelly said...

adorable! i'd love to make one of these!

a few nights ago i was making a cheesecake with berry sauce for my mom's birthday, and after i'd cooked the berries down they were still too thick to go through cheesecloth and i couldn't figure how to fix the consistency. i was laying in bed and realized, DUH, i could put it through the cuisinart, then strain. worked like a charm!

::little projects in style:: said...

oh so cute! im gonna make some for this summer! :)

thanks for the tute! :)