Monday, June 20, 2011

sunny day necklace

I made a fun fabric stash-busting necklace over the weekend.

This is super easy to make and will likely cost you zero bucks - ya know, if you happen to have a ridiculous amount of scrap fabric hanging around your craft room threatening to overrun the entire room like some kind of fabric kudzu vine. Not that I have that problem or anything.

Gather fabric, a few beads, scissors or a roller cutter, a button, and a needle and thread.

Start by cutting nine looooong and skinny strips of fabric and braiding them into three braids of varying lengths.

Next, add your beads (please pardon my tea cup rings! this is real life people)

On each side, braid the very ends of the three braids into one thicker braid and knot.

Leaving one long strip on each end, cut the other strips short, close to the knot. Sew the short, loose ends down to keep the knot from unraveling. On one side, sew the long strip into a loop.

On the other side, sew a button to the long strip.

Push the button through the loop to create the necklace closure.

Easy peasy! The braiding takes a bit, but it's the  kind of thing you can do while watching netflix.

Enjoy your cheerful sunny day necklace!



Tracy said...

Cute and creative- your specialty. :)

Sarah said...

Seriously cute necklace!

I'm giving away a Shabby Apple Dress today on my blog today here if you're interested.

Have a fab day!