Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love for the Roost

I couldn't resist using some of my new scrapbooking goodies to make a fun Valentine's Day vignette for the living room.

For the vignette it'self, I went with the throw a bunch of stuff in a basket method of decorating. I graped a sweet little book of love poems and tied it with twine, a bunch of silk flowers, a few vintage valentines, and a fun hanging heart I whipped up.

To make the heart, I cut a heart shape out of some cardboard.

Next, I made a bunch of tiny tissue paper pom-poms (stack three small squares, accordion fold, pinch in the middle with a bit of wire, and fan out the layers) to glue around the edges. I thought about filling it the rest of the heart with more pom-poms but, 1. I was sick of making them and, 2. I had these really cool paper flowers I got in a scrapbooking kit. After I glued the flowers in the middle of the heart I had something that looked like this:

To finish things off, I glued a strip of velvet rick-rack around the edge of the heart. To hang it, I punched a hole and added a loop of red ribbon.

I'm kinda digging the whole thrown together look of this vignette.

It's a little bit vintage, a little bit junky, and a little bit homemade. Of course, those things are what make it very me!

Are you planning to make any homemade valentines this year? 


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Laura said...

This is adorable. I love the color of the basket!