Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Goals

Now that January has had a few days to settle in, I figure it’s time to look back at my goals for 2010, see how I did, and make some new ones for 2011.

2010 Goals

1. Re-organize the bookshelves

I kicked major home improvement booty on this goal, if I do say so myself – and I do! For well under twenty bucks, the bookshelves went from this look (it still makes me cringe!)

To this look.

I am a happy crafter!

2. De-clutter the counter top and the office/craft room

I only met this goal halfway. The counter tops still look like this.

They aren’t horrible, just not as styled and neat as I would like! The craft room, on the over hand, went through a major overhaul. This junky mess,

Became this lovely workspace!

Keeping it this neat is a struggle, but I do what I can.

3. Save like insane people for our future house.

Heck, yeah! We are still the crazy, “live on one income and save the other” people, but it has started to pay off. We have started to talk to some builders to get ballpark prices, and we just may be able to break ground before the end of 2011!

4. Have more people over.

This was kind of a fail. See this year’s goal list!

5. Learn to sew and complete a big project.

I thought my big project would be a sofa slipcover, but it turned out that this little dress tutorial sent my blog stats and follower numbers spinning.

Who would have thought? It knocks my socks off!

6. Make fancy cupcakes.


And done! Yum!
Now, on to my goals for 2011

1. Redo our coffee table

I love our thrifted coffee table, but I think I’ll love it even more with new hardware and a dark stain on the whitish/blondish bottom

2. Be a better blogger

I’d like to set up a more consistent posting schedule. Take better pictures, and comment more on other blogs. All of this takes a lot of time, but I really want to try!

3. Top the Alice Dress

I’m not looking to create a sewing tutorial that tops this dress in blog hits, but I would love to make something that shows me that my sewing skills have grown more skillful and creative.

4. Have more people over

Last year I really wanted to deepen and expand our friendships, and that has happened through a table group at church and a monthly girl’s night with three friends from college. What hasn’t happened is an increase in hosting people in our home. I’d like to invite lots of friends over for dinner this year!
5. Do not bring anything into this house that won’t also find a home in our new house.

I have a feeling this is going to be super hard. I have a thrifting/dollar store/sale rack weakness.

Before I buy any new junk, I need to ask myself. Do I love this? Am I willing to go through the trouble of packing this up in a year or so? Can I visualize this in our new home? I’m going to try to stay strong!

I think that’s enough to keep me busy for one year! If you’ve listed your own goals/resolutions on your blog, please leave me the link in the comments! Hang in there! We’re all in this together (name that TV show!)



Tracy's Mom said...

Hattie - great going in meeting those goals for 2010. I bet you check off most of 2011's list as well. Happy New Year! Oh and I love your calendar. :)

Laura said...

Great job on your 2010 goals! Your craft space looks amazing!! Best of luck in 2011.