Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey Table

Brad and I got into the Thanksgiving spirit a little early this year due a fun and yummy Friendsgiving hosted
by our friends Tracy and Tim.

In addition to cooking, eating, and game playing, Tracy invited me to help her jazz up the table.

Decking out this beautiful table with my best friend? Sign me up! Tracy had a great base going with a simple burlap runner and three wonderfully chunky candles.

To add a little extra Thanksgiving punch, I brought out the twine, a vintage thesaurus, and a leaf plucked from the yard.

We traced the leaves onto the yellowed pages and cut them out. I also free handed some more whimsical-looking leaves to breakup all the maple shapes.

Then, it was as simple as twisting the paper stems around a long length of twine.

We looped the garland around and in between the candles until we liked the look.

Easy peasy! This look could easily be changes up with tree or snowflake shapes for Christmas or hearts for Valentine’s Day.

The muted colors and fun textures played nicely with Tracy’s formal family china.

Of course, the friends and food were what really brought the table to life!

Tracy, I think Friendsgiving should be a yearly tradition – hint, hint!



Mikalah said...

I love that idea! Her dining room looks like something out of a magazine, what a great space to work with!

Tracy's mom said...

Love your ideas about changing up the theme with your cute page cut outs. Who says you have to spend a fortune to get a festive look?

Tracy said...

I had such fun and was so glad for your creative ideas to spruce things up! I definitely could see this become a new tradition- as long as you keep bringing your yummy pumpkin bars along!

Christen said...

LOVE this idea!!

jennm said...

love the entire look! just wanted to ask where you got your dining table? its gorgeous!