Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a little trashy

When Brad and I gave the bedroom a mini-makeover, it left us without a spot to hide a trash can. So, I’ve gotten to look at this little guy everyday – yay!

I decided this IKEA cheap-o deserved a mini-makeover of his own. I wanted to make a slipcover, but I only had random scraps of drop cloth fabric left from the bookcase skirt project, so it was hot glue to the rescue!

I cut strips of fabric and glued them around the trashcan in rows.

Next, I took coordinating ribbon and glued it around each row of fabric. I also added a fold of fabric to the top rim of the trashcan to help hide the trash bag.

This was a super easy way to spruce up an otherwise utilitarian eyesore.

I think my new motto may be, “If you can’t hide it – make it cute!”

Any other trashcan dresser-uppers out there? Or maybe you use an unusual container to stash your trash?


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