Sunday, November 14, 2010

Along came spider...

Hello, blogland friends!

I missed posting last week thanks to a nasty little sore throat and ear ache, but now that I’m back to normal, I have some fun stuff to share with you this week.

I actually got to pull out my sewing machine this weekend and work on a few projects, this one is all thanks to a spider.

You see, our bedroom closet used to have louvered doors, but when we moved in we replaced them with hanging curtains from Plow and Hearth.

I love how they add some softness to the room and take up much less space than folding doors. The curtains were working great until a very brave and stupid spider decided to take a little climbing expedition up the left curtain. Spiders don’t really bother me, so I would have had no problem plucking him from the curtain and sending him on a little water thrill ride to the septic tank. Unfortunately, I didn’t spot him first. A shrill, “Spider!” alerted me to the fact that Brad saw the spider. While I’m pretty Ok with them, he hates them with every fiber of his being and likes to set an example for other spiders by dramatically killing any he finds. This particular spider met his end by a powerful whap from a men’s dress shoe. Brad hit the spider with such force, that two of the curtain tabs came loose.

So, for the last week a few clothespins have been holding our curtains up.

The repair job was pretty simple. I stuck the tabs right back in the top of the curtain and sewed them back, then I reinforced the whole thing with heavy thread to protect against any future spider incidents.

Now our curtains are back to work and the spiders around the roost are shaking in their imaginary boots.

Have you ever had a home improvment project resulting from ridiculously improbable circumstances? Any other home destruction by spider stories?



Cara said...

What a great story! Although I am right there with your hubby, I loathe spiders....


Library Girl said...

I almost got us in a car accident because of a huge spider that had bunkered down in my hair whom I happened to comb out with my fingers and it fell into my lap. I screamed bloody murder, thereby freaking out my husband and almost landing us into the other lane of traffic. Of course, there might have also been some arm and leg flailing accompanying my screaming. And I might have flicked the huge spider over in my husband's direction... It was extremely traumatizing.