Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wonderland Revisited

Since I just posted the scrapbook I made for our wonderland party, and since parties are the theme of this week’s CSI Challenge….
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I decided a little recap of the wonderland tea party was in order.

It started with some tea bag inspired invites, sent by the Mad Hatter him er herself.

Next, I made some fluffy flower pom-poms to add some whimsy to the party.

The day of, my sister helped me string the pom-poms from a canopy.

We set the table with vintage cloths, fiestaware tea cups, and ball jars filled with wildflowers.

Mismatched real chairs added substance, but weren’t too formal.

A flock of yard sale flamingos gave a nod to the wonderland theme.

Of course, no party is complete without food!

We enjoyed “eat me” lemon filled cupcakes.

“Drink me” flavored iced teas and lemonade.

And yummy finger sandwiches.

We wore our hats proudly.

And held onto them when things became blustery.

And ended the party with a lovely game of croquet.

It was such a fun and special party to plan and enjoy, it just might have to become a family tradition!



sisters4saymoreismore said...

i love the "eat me" tags and the giant tea cups! so cute!


Elizabeth said...

Great party. My granddaughter wants an Alice party and we have been collecting ideas and notions. Can't wait!

Tracy said...

I love it all but especially the cupcakes and hanging pom poms!