Monday, September 6, 2010

Lovely Weekend

Our students return tomorrow, so Brad and I enjoyed every bit of our long weekend. Happily, our weekend was full of friends, family, and love. It started with a wedding.

My friend Angela married her long-time boyfriend Dave at the Mill at Fine Creek.

We gathered at the mill ruins just as the sun started to sink.

The old stone walls were beautiful.

One of my favorite guests was also one of the youngest.

This sweet little girl belongs to my friends Becca and Sze

Kaylee wanted a closer view of the action!

I loved the hair ornaments worn by the bridesmaids.

The bride was lovely and wore one of the most gorgeous updo's I’ve ever seen.

After their vows, the couple took turns pouring unity sand in the wedding colors into a vase. I thought this was a great alternative to candles which might blow out during an outdoor ceremony.

Today, my family spent the afternoon at Maymont.

We spent some time cheesing it up.

And enjoying the wildlife.

And celebrating my Mom and Dad’s 35th wedding anniversary.

Happy 35 years and many more!

How did you celebrate your Labor Day weekend?



Justine said...

I'm glad you have a fantastic weekend! Congrats to the new couple and your parents! :)

Just Better Together

Tracy said...

Looks like a fun weekend- but more pics of you in that dress. It looks cute from what I can see of it and you look lovely!