Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They call Me Mellow Yellow

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Mimosa is the color of the year. When I told Brad, he was not surprised. “Of course it is; yellow is my favorite color.” For some reason he has the uncanny ability of liking things right before they become incredibly popular. For instance, Brad wanted a sweater vest for Christmas a few years ago. I had to search everywhere to find one – but this year they were in every store. He wanted a Mr. Rodger’s style sweater, and suddenly men’s v-neck cardigans are hip again. By this logic, bow ties are bound to be the fashion accessory of next year.

Anyway, this shade of yellow really does appeal to me and I have been craving some pops of spring color.

I broke down on Saturday and bought some of the amazing tulips I’d been eyeing at Trader Joe’s.

I put most of them in this white pitcher, and I love they way they look against the vintage table cloth.

A few more went into this tiny spice jar in the hallway. My friend Stephanie parked her cute new yellow shoes under this table on Sunday. I wished I had snapped a picture because the shoes were the exact shade of the tulips, and the whole scene looked like one of those purposefully casual photos in magazines.

My Mom gave me these jonquils on Tuesday. They don’t last for long, but there is something so adorable and perky about them.

What’s your favorite way to add a dash of yellow?

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Masterson said...

Love, love, love yellow! And those flowers are gorgeous- I've been itching to get some to decorate with too. My favorite dash of yellow is a really lovely bowl that I got as a wedding gift. I usually keep it stocked with fruit and sitting out in the kitchen.